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Negotiating Women, Inc will support you in the positioning, implementation and assessment of the JUST ADD WOMEN® Initiative Toolkit Series with your women’s initiative. The series has been developed to make your program successful, powerful and easy to put into action.

We all know the importance of women’s initiatives, women’s networks or affinity groups in the workplace. And we also know how busy you are with your “day jobs”. The JUST ADD WOMEN® Initiative Toolkit Series was developed so that implementing a leadership skills training program can be done with minimal effort on your part. It’s a tested and effective program that comes with support so you know you will have someone to talk with should a question arise.

Negotiating Women consultants will:

  • meet with you during an initial consultation to articulate the goals for the JUST ADD WOMEN® sessions in conjunction with the firm’s women’s initiative mission
  • consult with you to select the right people to sponsor the sessions
  • work with you to identify and engage the best possible internal facilitators
  • plan the communication strategy about the program
  • train the partner/facilitators to assure they are confident and totally prepared to present each session
  • assist you to collect feedback and communicate your success

Start today by calling us at (866) 616-9804 or email us at info@negotiatingwomen.com. Set the plan in motion so that your women’s initiative will have measurable results and will start moving the needle to making your firm the best place for women to work.

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