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Organizations just starting a women’s initiative1 must strategically position it to succeed. We can provide advice regarding what works─ as well as what doesn’t─ based on our extensive experience. We can assist you to:

  • establish the business case for a women’s initiative
  • create a mission statement for the group
  • establish success metrics
  • make decisions regarding whom should be included and how best to roll out
  • engage senior leadership to openly lend support
  • determine the resources required for success
  • identify the right people to lead the initiative
  • craft effective communications that address the questions that both men and women will have about the initiative.

We can guide you to leverage the benefits that a well-designed women’s initiative can offer as well as to avoid the common mistakes.


As with any other investment, organizations need to regularly assess how well their women’s initiative has delivered on its promise.2

We can help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your firm’s women’s initiative. Among our criteria:

  • How well does the group connect its objectives to the organization’s needs?
  • How well do the initiatives the group has put in place deliver desired results?
  • How much of an emphasis is placed on building skills and capabilities?
  • How strong is the cohort that the group has built?
  • What practices has the group adopted that are effective and why?
  • What practices does the group have in place that can be improved and what benefits would be derived?
  • What results has the group achieved?

Informed by the results of the assessment, we can offer advice regarding how to:

  • engage group members
  • energize group meetings
  • improve results
  • effectively communicate regarding the improved results.

Call us today at (866) 616-9804 or email us at info@negotiatingwomen.com.

1Also known as Networks, Affinity Groups and Employee Resource Groups
2 Singh, V., Vinnicombe, S. and Kumra, S., “Women In Formal Corporate Networks: An Organisational Citizenship Perspective, Women in Management Review, Vol. 21, No. 6. (2006), pp. 458-482.

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