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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the JUST ADD WOMEN®Initiative Toolkit Series?
A unique, interactive, turnkey program that equips professional women with the skills and strategies critical to managing their careers more successfully.

Q. Why do I need this program?
It has been shown that organizations that invest in women’s initiatives and proactively address the challenges women face in the workplace are better able to recruit and retain the best and brightest talent. You will also strengthen your reputation in your industry by making your firm an employer of choice and a “best place” for women to work.

Q. What makes JUST ADD WOMEN® the right choice for my organization?
The JUST ADD WOMEN® program is a tested and piloted program, vetted at top law and business service firms and has proven results. It was developed based on years of research by Negotiating Women, Inc., a consulting firm that focuses on advancing professional women. JUST ADD WOMEN® is a cutting-edge program that is customized for your industry. It is endorsed by The National Association of Women Lawyers.

Q. I have so many other responsibilities; just how much time will this take to implement?
There will not be a lot of time consuming preparation on your part. The JUST ADD WOMEN® Initiative Toolkit Series consists of six, ready-to-run sessions. We provide you with an in-depth facilitation guide, a Power Point® presentation, attendee materials, meeting checklists, sample email invitations, and talking points that allow these sessions to run easily, consistently, and cost effectively.

Q. Who runs the sessions at my offices?
Negotiating Women consultants will train your own internal, senior women as facilitators in a one day training program at your premises. We provide all the training and tools necessary to ensure a powerful, consistent, and effective series of meetings.

Q. What subjects does the JUST ADD WOMEN® initiative toolkit series cover?
The topics covered are:

  • Building a Strategic Network
  • Getting Timely Feedback
  • Managing Complicated Conversations
  • Positioning Yourself for the “Right” Assignments
  • Establishing Meaningful Mentoring Relationships
  • Stepping Up to Leadership

Q. What other support do you offer?
We provide implementation consulting to ensure the program is a success. We will work with you up front to:

  1. establish your desired outcomes,
  2. identify the right people to sponsor the meetings,
  3. identify potential meeting leaders,
  4. plan the communication strategy,
  5. help you collect feedback and
  6. help assess your results.

We will support you over the phone, through email or in person to assure you get what you need.

Q. Whom do I call to start the ball rolling for my firm?
Negotiating Women may be reached at (866) 616-9804. Or email us at info@negotiatingwomen.com

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